Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nothing more,than a line in your book

I had a long day today,left my apartment before 9 and only got home to mayo at 3.Not fun.

I had an interesting bus trip though,in one of my analytical moods.I spent the journey listening to music and just watching people,I'm not a stalker,just plain old weird,don't act like your surprised:P
The bus was that lovely sweaty stuffy kind you only get on a long bus trip where every seat is full.I spotted a few interesting things,the first one being a couple that got on last,they had to sit two rows apart since there were only two free seats left.A middle aged woman in one of them got up,pointed to the woman standing and said
"Sure,the two of ye can sit in there".The younger woman hadn't asked or said anything,but the older lady did the decent thing and let the two of them sit together.What a legend!

the other thing I spotted is how self important people consider themselves,at one point[mullingar I think] two people got off and there was a double seat free.At least 5 people jumped out of their seats to get at the double seat,Like lions pouncing on a gazelle.All I could think of is "Are you really that up yourself that you deserve a double seat above the people getting on the bus?" I mean who does that? there were a few people waiting to get on the bus,what was the deal with that one little slice of comfort? Was it really that important to people to have a one up on the rest of us?

Yes,I am weird to notice these things.I've known for a while I'm pretty odd,sure who isn't? I'm just that bit more than most people.I can't be the only one who likes to take a step out for a while and just analyse everything around you.It always helps me deal with things and sort things out in my head.If I just stop living life for a while and watch it go by,it's easier to get some perspective.

I had a different post planned for this song,but maybe I'll bring it up another time:

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  1. None of those are weird things to notice:)