Friday, May 14, 2010

Did you miss me?

so,It's been a few days [I can procrastinate from a procastinate blog]

I have to talk about some of the people in my life right now.My family care far too much,they've been calling once if not twice a day through all my exams.I guess I can understand that,with me failing some of my subjects they can't help but be worried.I just hate the thought of them being that worried about me.I'll be fine,regardless of what happens."Keep smiling" is my motto,if you keep faking a smile then the real ones will come eventually,it's helped me through a lot of tough stuff.I wish I could find the words to convince them I can accept failing,if I've learned anything it's that there's very little in life worth getting yourself down over.

My friends,I have such amazing friends and I appreciate them far more than I'll ever be able to say.I know so many awesome people it astounds me.I've met probably two of the most talented human beings I've ever heard of: one is a semi-pro rugby player with a heart of gold and has had the best chances in life,hell he was a concert soloist for years and yet he gets as low as I do.Knowing him has taught me two lessons: Don't ever make assumptions of anyone and that some people will always surprise you.The other is one of the most intelligent and funny people I know,if only she could see it.I've met the most optimistic person in the world,an absolute ray of sunshine to anyone who's met her and sometimes she can't brighten up her own day.
I've been so surprised by the people I've met,I'm glad just knowing these people all real inspirations in their own right.
I'll probably never say to you in person,but meeting you has been some of the best things in my life.


  1. Sinéad likes this.

    Human beings never cease to amaze me.


  2. I think they missed you too :)