Monday, May 17, 2010

Restless dreams I walked alone

Well,It's officially summer for me;exams are over adn now that I'm "home home" it's hit me.
I'm 'alone' again,not that I don't have all my old friends from secondary school,but I know I will miss living in Dublin so much.I had the luck to meet people who get the "real me" so much better than anyone at home ever could.

Don't get me wrong,I love being home,it's so much smaller and quieter than the city.Yeah,I sound crazy but the three biggest things I miss when I'm in dublin;The silence,you never really get true silence in dublin,I love the thought at night especiaaly that there is nothing making a sound for a good mile in every direction;The stars,it's probably my favourite thing about being at home,is being able to stare up at the stars,I just wish I could show them to someone; and finally my dog [didn't expect that did you?] that short little fecker is always able to make me smile.People say animals don't have peronalities,that's a lie nothing has ever missed me as much as that little guy did when I was away for the last few weeks with exams.
I opened the car door as I got back from the bus and he practically jumped in the car.:D

Probably one of the things I miss the most about living in dublin,not the going out,a club is a club IMO,but the conversation.I never realised until I went to college,but my old friends never really talk.Maybe it's a culchie thing,but thinking back we used to basically run on small talk,"out tonight?" and "Did you see the match?" were all tried and tested conversation starters.Saturday I was talking about the principles behind evolution,then about the theory of god,then the superhero I would make if I became god.
Random crap but,I loved every minute of it.

it's going to be a long summer after this week is over....

and yes,of course I used the watchmen version :D

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