Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today was one of the best days I've had in quite a while,nothing amazing happened but I had that lovely content feeling that I've missed for quite a while.

My exams went fairly well,as expected not well enough,but I saw that coming.The weather was great,I hung out for a few hours with some friends and introduced them to the Dj Dain-Don't worry,I'm yours wonder of music.The nearest thing to my ideal day.

I love the sunny weather,especially here in UCD the greens were full of couples just relaxing out in the sun,I thought it was nice,it gave the place a carefree sort of atmosphere.
That got a really unexpected reaction on boards,I've been single for a good while now and I still like to see people out together happy,but the amount of people that are annoyed by it surprised me.I can't see why you'd be against someone else's happiness,

but yeah,not really sure what it was about today,hung out for a while,sorted out some society stuff for the summer, dropped up some shopping to one of the girls that hurt her leg and headed home,all pretty lazy and relaxed,just that subtle kind of content happiness.My nastiest exams are over and come monday night it'll be a cake walk from then on in.

so,that's it really.Nothing exciting or cool to talk about[what am I talking about,I've never been cool],happy times for now.

if you havn't heard the song: get an ice cold some cider,a few friends and sit on the grass while it's sunny.What it's best for IMO:


  1. I LOVE that mash up. So many happys <3

  2. Happy people make people happy! Roomie have her boyfriend over all the time and it cheers me up.

  3. I was giving out about couples on boards but that was cos I was posting in a moment of frustration and bitterness caused by boys.

    Most of my friends are in couples and they make me smile when I see how they are with each other and how much they care and make each other smile and the little small, kind things they do for each other and think nobody else notices. I love couples really. They just annoy me when I'm in a bitter and twisted mood. :)

  4. S'my favourite Glee song! <3 <3 <3