Sunday, May 2, 2010

I know I've got issues, but you're pretty messed up too.

I tried to not let this get to me,but I can't shake it:
"Stop looking for things to get annoyed about."

Do I? I mean do I actually put myself in situations to get angry? I'm not an angry person by nature.Hell,I've even been called on being almost too cold and calculated,or is it just passive aggression I use?

I will admit I'm having a bad day,a lot of people have a habit of coming to me with their troubles,I appreciat eit and take it as a compliment.But sometimes,as harsh as it sounds,I just don't give a fuck and have my own stuff to sort out.I'm normally pretty patient and try to help with stuff even if I've no experience of it.But when people start crying to me about stuff that effects me more than them,it does annoy me.

the latest antic being money,now the friend that was whining[and that's all I can class it as] about not having money.This guy lives in a mansion in Dalkey,the richest of the rich and his parents are a barrister and a tax consultant so fairly recession proof,with no mortgage.He's whining about not having enough money to go out.
He gets €20 a day when he's in college.All he has to do is buy lunch,why can't he afford to go out on that much?
Now I, a country boy,living away from home,by myself ,live on the same amount.I get €100 leaving on the bus at the weekend,out of that I have to buy a weeks worth of food and a € 25 bus ticket home.I still save money every week,don't get me wrong I know 100 quid is more money than a lot of people have,if I'm honest I think it's more money than my folks can afford to give.I just wish he'd be a bit more mature about it and stop whining like a spoilt kid,I always bite my lip at that part,but one of these days it's going to bleed and that'll be that

Money has never mattered much to me,not that I'm tight or anything,I just don't waste money.There wasn't a lot of it around when I was growing up,we never did without and I love my parents for that.I guess this is why something else struck a chord with me on boards:
"Do the working class get depression or is it a middle class thing?"

I'm not ashamed to say I'm from a "working class" background,my parents have worked hard all their lives and I've had as good as a part time job since I was ten at home on the farm,just so we can get by.I'll [hopefully] be the first person in my family to get a college degree [eventually] so,maybe my definition is wrong but not the "high society" most people I know might be from.So what? I don't judge anyone I know on where they come from or how they grew up,I judge them on the person they are.Maybe that's unusual, society seems to think the stuff you have makes you who you are,my attitude is more "I'm not dead yet,everything else is bonus"

I don't even know where this post is going,but I guess I just need to see it written down.
a quote springs to mind: "IT's not the perfections that make you love someone,it's those little cracks in the mask,the little things that annoy you but you can forgive in an instant,that's what makes it love,"
I probably messed that up,but it's the sentiment I liked,not the words.

moozik time:
the title is from:Glee-My life would suck without you
[okay it's from kelly clarkson,I prefer this version]

and a song I've been listening to a lot:

The lyrics are amazing,the melody is good too

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  1. I HATE when people moan about money. I'm the same as you - 100euro a week and that pays for food, 32euro train ticket, college stuff and anything else I need and I still manage to save a bit aswell! Some people just don't appreciate the value of money and complain when they don't have enough to get to spend on getting hammered twice a week.

    And look after yourself aswell. It's ok to not want or be able to help everyone all the time, you're doing more than your fair share already! :)

  2. I think we must all have a really rich friend who moans about how little they have! I have a friend, gets 200 hundred euro a week (:o) and still whines about how poor she is, how she can't go out at the weekend because she's broke. I'm always thinking 'wtf' but like you, never say anything.

    I think maybe the people who have the most money throw it away so carelessly and then actually do end with nothing at the end of the week. Easy come, easy go.

    Love the quote at the end :)