Saturday, May 22, 2010

I can dance if I want to

hmm,this could be one of three posts,let's see where I finish up.

"Tell a girl she's beautiful and she'll believe it for a moment, tell her she's worthless and she'll remember it for life"
This was put up as the status on a facebook group I'm in.I don't know who it's by but it makes perfect sense, swap out girl for someone and it puts my social perspective out there.I'm pretty retro-obsessive or neurotic whichever word fits better. I can remember stuff I've said or things people have said to me years ago [ I'm imagining a conversation in 4th class now] I know it's odd,I'm forgetful on most things but every now and then something just sticks in my brain, something I said in the heat of the moment or something that struck a chord with me.Little insults that deep down I agree with, funny how people always focus on the negative rather than the positive.

Saying that, one of my role model-y neighbours[yeah,it's totally a word now] was over today.She's a woman in her early 70's now who used to babysit me the odd time,when my folks wanted me out of the way for a bit.She was in pretty bad health for the last year or so, spending 9 months of last year in hospital with gallstones that kept causing pancreatitis[pain akin to childbirth for hours],now this lady is abou 6 stone and maybe 5 foot tall.She said "Ah,sure it wasn't the best alright" when mam asked her about it,now that's one tough lady.Call me weird/kiss ass/old fashioned if you want, but I have huge respect for anyone in my parents generation[my folks are in their 60's btw]. just because I grew up with anecdotes of the time from dad mostly,they had hard lives[well anyone I know] and are tough people, It's something that's always kept me grounded I guess.My folks grew up from having nothing,I'm so much luckier than they were and my life has been so much easier.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was how bitchy people can be,but the irony of bitching about it in a blog is a bit much, even for me.So,I'll leave it here and pop on a video

I wish I could dance :'(, but I still love to try :P

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  1. Psh, who decides who can dance? Manic flailing is more fun anyway.... :)