Thursday, May 6, 2010

I am a leaf on the wind - watch how I soar

gah,this studying craic is torture.

I'm one of those people who can't ever just sit still.I have to always be doing something,it's like an addiction.I don't know what it is about me,but I like to be involved in things.

I guess that's what got me into the failing first year situation to a large extent.I can't really say "NO" all that well.
This year I:
Was on the pagansoc committee,
was the SU class rep,
unoffically Gamesoc committee,
ended up being post-positioned as RPG Director for Retcon,
Was trusted to run the busiest part of the whole weekend for the above,
Was told by a lot of people,including all of the committee, to be the auditor,
Got elected on first preferences to the committee,
Made some awesome friends,had some even better memories
I really came out of my shell and see who I can really be.

well,that's the cool interesting stuff anyway,there's some other not so cool things too

Basic point of this post: I'm awesome come and look at me :P
But seriously,Just thinking back over the last 8 months,I've changed so much from who I was last summer,I'm more of who I am and want to be,then of what people wanted me to be.

Granted the new me is a bigger kid than ever,playing games and joking around all the time,but so what? I missed all this crap growing up,I was either working or studying like a nut.

I know I sound like an arrogant cock,but what can I say,my pride has always been my downfall.I'm proud of what I did this year[even if studying was never one them]

Really not looking forward to this long drawn out summer now,I have to find something to keep me sane,I never cope well with just sitting around[hell just look at this blog in the last week]I think all those game/storyline concepts I've been blurting out this year are going to be written and tested


also,if anyone recognises the Firefly quote at the top I will love you forever

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  1. I <3 Juno a hideous amount.

    So much <3