Monday, May 3, 2010

The man who can't be moved...

I really wish I was.

I've a messed view of the world,a few things today really cemented that in my head.

1)Woke up and dad came to blow off some steam,last night he got a call from a neighbour [WARNING CULCHIE ANECDOTES!!!] who was having trouble with a cow calfing.Now,I'm a pretty patient guy but I would have hit the guy after what happened last night,I won't go into the details but he made a stupid,basic mistake that even I an 18 year old lad that has damn all experience in the grand scheme of things[this guy is in his mid 60's].He drove the cow mad by tying her with a rope[common sense say wild animals don't like being tied up] then wondered why she wouldn't calm down and start calfing.Before dad finished telling me the set up of the situation,I had told him what I thought it sounded like,I was right. Now here's what annoys me: Me a young lad still earning this stuff,can guess the problem just after waking up lying in bed,not even dressed yet and a Seasoned old farmer who has been doing this for the last 50 years can't spot what's wrong.

***City folk start here***
Now,I've time for most things,stupidity isn't one of them.Now,I don't mean education at all,my dad didn't finish primary school and my mam left before junior cert [reasons for both,it'll come up again].Hell,I'll be the first person in my family to get a degree if I get that far.But back to the point,I don't have time for Weapons Grade stupidity,even less when it's causing an animal to suffer and could cause an unborn animal it's life,because of someone elses fuck ups.If you don't know what you're doing people admit it,that way no one gets hurt

2)I always find it's an attitude problem where I'm from[well,I think it is].The general trend in my area/school was to stumble through the leaving cert and hang around the town for the rest of your life.Now,don't get me wrong,I love my home,but some of the people drive me nuts,when your goal in life is nothing more than having enough money to get locked at the weekend and maybe a few cows so you have something to pretend to know about,then you can stay the hell away from me.I know I'll sound hypocritical,I love farming,I love being outside,I love being close nature.But more importantly whatever I do I want to do well,I'm in college so I can be the best I can be at what I do.I can't understand people who just don't want anything out of life.I want respect,I want happiness,I want love,I want to know whenever it happens,if I end up lying somewhere dying,I want to be able to think "hell yeah,I'd do that all again".I take pride in what I do,even if it's something I don't really want to do[that really won't be reflected in my exams but anywho]

3)I can appreciate things,I know I sound arrogant and old fashioned[I guess I am in some respects] but people these days don't appreciate what they have.I grew up with stories from my parents about not having money to buy new clothes as kids,Dad not getting a chance to know his father as he died young.Even as recent as them dealing with not being sure if they could buy the groceries when I was younger with the cheques not being sent out for cattle.I've said it a lot over the years,"if you aren't dead,then you havn't failed at life", people seem to be too hard on themselves [I'm at the very centre of that crowd I know] and can't see what they do have.Talents,skills,friends,the one that always gets me is GF/BF's how can you take someone that cares about you that much for granted? Some people have so much in life,please don't wait until you've lost it to see how good something is.

well,glad I got that off my chest.I can't see for the life of me why people read this,I'm just venting and ranting.I read other people's Blogs because the really inspire me and I care what's going on with them.

The Script-The Man who can't be moved


  1. I read it for the culchie anecdotes! :P
    <3 being a culchie.

    That small town mentality does get to me though, I mean there's so much more to life than, as you said getting locked at the weekend and the few cows.

    Also, I hope the cow and her calf were ok. :)

  2. Kudos to you for having the ambition, drive and courage to deviate from that small town attitude!