Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh times, They times are a changin'

I'm getting fed up of this being single craic.I'll be honest, it's starting to bother me. I mean first year in college is officially over and I'm still by myself. Am I really that awful?

And I got back home today from college, I can feel this summer being the same as every other falling back into my old life, being that guy again. The biggest thing I hate about where I'm from is that it never changes.Even my old friends are still exactly as they were last summer and the summer before etc.

It even came up in conversaion at one point,how we used to act at the kid's discos the impersonal set ups and such. It's still the same now even though we're in our late teens. the local hobby being drink until you get wasted and hope someone likes the look of you at in the morning. It'd be nice to take a change for once, go to a movie or bowling? it's only half an hour away, nope just me apparently. Binge drinking is still fun after 3/4 years of the same crap.

Maybe I'm just weird like that, but I'll admit I've changed in college,I won't apologies for that. Most of the old group still live together and hang out every day in college. By all means don't lose the old friends but god damn it people broaden your horizons.

beautiful song;

The nerdier version [watchmen]


  1. I think it'll be worth the wait, ya know, waiting until you meet the right person. And you will, and she'll be lucky, 'cause you're a really nice person. You're caring and thoughful, and I don't actually know you well enough to continue this list, but that is good enough!


  2. ^ This.

    Also, most of us grow out of the binge drinking/ shifting shite that goes on all the time. Bowling/cinema whips alcohols ass when it comes to meeting people - at least you get a better impression of who they actually are.

    Oh, and we are totally going on some road trips this Summer! *nods* You're really not all that far away, I'mma come visit for sure! :D

    And feck anyone who's still stuck in the same lifestyle - you've moved on and that's whats important.

  3. I can relate, I blame hot weather seems to make everyone pair up together. But yeah as the others said the waiting game usually yields results.