Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I promised I would

So,things have happened.
First of all the girl of my dreams and this blog and I finally got together.As cheesey as it sounds we were both into each other but due to a load of silly little things we never got together until now.
And after some nudging from her I reread this blog,only in part, and found a list of plans I made for this year.Ironically the entire thing came into being except one,to blog about the happier things as they happen.Well here I am now.

I grew up a lot in the last few months,that long hard summer really got me out of my shell,I kind of feel like this is the "me" I've been missing all these years,that guy who was caught up in all his problems instead of just being awesome.

So,yeah life got shit for a long time,now it's gotten much better and its going to stay that way,so help me.