Friday, April 30, 2010

You ain't never had a friend like me

A positive post for a change.

I had a nice little moment this afternoon,sitting at my laptop "Studying" *ahem*.When a chatbox opened on facebook,nothing unusual there, it was a friend of mine I hadn't spoken to in a few months.I'll be honest I've lost contact with most of my friends back home,I was too busy living the college life and enjoying being out on my own for the first time,I guess.

it wasn't what they said that mattered,it was the usual,somewhat stilted conversation of "how's college?" etc. etc. Which was nice,then about half way through the conversation another friend piped in with the same message.A friend I had met in secondary school,again had sort of lost contact.

After about an hour,maybe more.Similar situation,only this time it was a friend from college. Again about half way through the conversation another friend I met in college piped in,now this guy I only knew for first semester,He dropped out after the exams and he hadn't really kept in contact,normal "How's college?" stuff.

a while after,I sent a quick hello,to a Boardsie friend of mine on Facebook.It's only now heading to bed,that I realised that there are exapmles of friends that I've made from every stage of my life,some I knew better than their family at one point others that I've only spoken to maybe twice in person.All of them,still wonder every now and then how I'm doing,even though I haven't seen them in so long or have had so little contact with in the grand scheme of things.

I really am one lucky guy to have met such great people and I really mean it,you guys mean the world to me.

and music for today,is a song that just about fits the level of awesome for the people in my life:


  1. There really are some great people out there.

    Yay for all the caring!