Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We're going down

I really can't stand being home again.I love home,it's home, it always will be.

But i don't know if it's growing up or that I've changed in college,but I seriously can't put up with my parents any more.I know I've only been back a week,maybe it's just part of settling back in to my old habits.But I'd love nothing more then to go out and get locked this weekend, which is not a feeling I like,ever.

Drinking has always been pretty weird for me, well 'weird' I suppose different is the word. my parents are seriously anti-alchohol, my Gradnfather on my mother's side was an out and out alchoholic [not the funny college kind either].My brother was something similar when he was alive,he never really left home and just drank aroud the local towns every weekend.I guess being messy drunk or having a bit of a "craving"[you know when you just want to get out] scares the living Sh*t out of me deep down.

This is one of the reasons I hate being at home,you HAVE to drink.I hate that,I might have one or two if I feel like it with some friends,that's my limit.I NEVER go out just to get drunk if I can help it,but my area is so dead that there is no interest in doing anything else.I practically gave up drinking in college,not on any major choice or anything,I just had other more fun stuff to do that didn't involve it and I loved it I'll be honest.Finally a change in pace.

well,that made no sense and can you SMELL the angst off this post, shocking stuff like.

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  1. Sugar, We're Going Down is one of my favourite FOB songs <3

    Just don't drink when you're out with friends in Mayo? You don't *have* to be two different people :)