Saturday, July 31, 2010


Reverse Elf-Face :(

I genuinely am starting to hate my own family,I hate that I ahve to say that,but it's how I feel.

We all have this thing[a complex of some sort I guess] where we're always right,I'm painting myself with that brush as well,I assume I'm right most of the time.One thing I don't do and don't have in common with them is;I don't rub it in peoples' faces.

Househunting;I'm saving a good 300 quid a month on last year,but it's not good enough,the places my sister finds are perfect,despite being smaller,shared and further away.But she's right and I'm wrong,why? because that's how it is,thats the way our world works,all the shit lands on the little guy.Apparently,I'm a judgemental ass because I think a spoiled friend of mine is spoiled,I've known the guy for a year,I have a fairly good impression of him and I don't judge people.Why is it a bad thing? He's a funny guy,good to be around,but a spoiled ass,it's who he is.Why am I being judged for having an opinion?

I hate all this whining and moaning I do,but FFS Can I have an opinion or a decision?Would it kill everyone to let me go and live for once?

Maybe all I want is to be a bum and have fun with my mates,can I not make that decision?Or can I make the choices as long as I get where you want me to end up?

"I can't pretend I'm who you want me to be,so I'm lying my way from you"

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