Friday, July 30, 2010


Slight change of pace for once,HAPPEH BLOGGING!

yesterday was the best day of my summer so far,today was pretty awesome to boot.
No real reason,lots of little things;
I left my ipod behind when I changed busses,the driver waited for 10 mintues and helped me look for it,great guy.
I had a decent bit of sleep yesterday for the first time in months[half of it was on a 4 and a half hour bus trip but still]
I slept through a very long bus trip,
I got eddie rockets [seriously,vanilla malts beat any drug ever.I know I'm so cool with my milkshakes]
House hunting is going pretty well,after douchey lanlords and cancellations an awesome house that fits perfectly has opened up,here's hoping we get it.
And an evening of "How I met your Mother" and some great laughs with my[newly realised] best friend.
Met a lovely stranger with a great taste in music on the luas[ Ark's <3]

So,if only for a day or two,things are coming up roses for now.It's nice for things to ease off for a moment

"'Cos every little thing,is gonna be alright."
If only for now,I believe it

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