Monday, July 19, 2010


# 5 — Your dreams

Can you sort yourself out please?The whole "I want to be happy" thing is a bit shite,I know what/who/where I DON'T want to be,but that still leaves a big ass target to hit.It'd be nice to have some sort of discernable place to aim for/a way to get there,I can figure those out pretty well.

Sleepy-type dream;Stop being so messed up,I get the whole subconscious thing for dreams.Why don't I ever remember you,like at all?And why are you never good? I want the flying one or one with blackjack and hookers,actually screw the blackjack.I don't sleep well anyway,you could at least entertain me when I am asleep,be more like daydreams,those things are awesome.They really help me get through the day.

# 23 — The last person you kissed

Was actually a dude,I'm staright,but I was rather drunk and was dared in a game of kings [I NEVER pass up a challenge] so yeah,awkward one this.I'd rather not go into details as I can't quite remember.But kind of bad timing on this one I guess :/

# 28 — Someone that changed your life

Thanks for being in my life,you showed me there's worse things in he world and that I'm not alone in all this shit.You aren't either,don't forget that. you're so positive and get my douchebaggy sense of humour.Try and keep your ridikulas head in line though mmkay? don't do anything I might regret.

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