Friday, July 23, 2010

Time is everything,it's everything

So,today was a bad day,well "worse" I suppose.Same as every day,but worse somehow.

On the upside;I sort of mentioned in passing me being depressed to my parents[it took a bit longer than usual to make myself get up for the day]
On the downside;their reaction was,basically,:
"well go to the doctor and get it fixed,in the mean time we have this, this and this to get done today so shape up"

"Please someone help me,I'm dying here in front of you"

I can't say I didn't see it coming,it's how they are with everything,lip service and just get the hell on with it.

"We'll start a fire and burn some bridges"

What's the point?Why do I bother?This family died 5 years ago,why can't I just walk the hell away?.I know this sounds terrible but it's easier when we don't talk at all,hurray for WANTING a more fucked up life.The biggest thing I like about this place is my dog,how sad is that? I mean really

I know I said I didn't want to be such a whiney bitch,I don't like how this blog makes me come across,but I'm holding on by fingertips here.So,I'ma be a whiney teenbag until I can be sane again..

one more month.....


  1. One month! You can do it, hang on.

  2. This is Grace by the way. WordPress hurts my head.

  3. *big hugs*

    ONE MONTH. I'm thinking the same thing myself. Hang on in there.