Friday, August 13, 2010


This has been the longest/hardest summer of my life.I went back to that place I swore I'd never go again,I ended up feeling like I said I never would again.I said things I'll always regret

But things will be different.I've plans for this year,the first long[ish] term plans I've made in years.I've plans for me,I'm going to change,I have to get my head together and get back to being a "normal" human being again.Time to grab life by the short and curlies, then show it who's boss.This angsty whingey bullshit does no good for anyone.

This year I have to:

Do a damn good job on committee;I'll be remembered for doing something

Get my damn Degree sorted out;I'll have something to show I'm not a failure

Spend more time with people who are worth it;you know who you are

Trust someone and put yourself out there;get a girlfriend,it's okay to let people in Alan,not everyone's a Douchebag learn that SOON DAMMIT!

Stop hiding who you are; Fuck the haters and stop taking people's crap

Calm down and enjoy life;you've a lifetime to live it,don't be in such a rush all the time

Blog when you're happy, this place must be mighty depressing now

Buy yourself nice things, you can have good stuff it's okay

BE HAPPY!!! and stop looking for ways to ruin it or feel guilty about it

P.S: refering to yourself in the third person is weird,don't do it