Sunday, June 6, 2010

so many people are blogging and posting about running away lately.I'm exactlly the opposite,I want to run back.

my life as it stand right now;
7.30/8 wake up,check my e-mail and facebook,bit of boards.
9 have breakfast ready for dad when he comes back to the house and have some.
10-2 work,work long,work hard,but work.
2 food
3-7/8 work some more.
8-10 chill-facebook,blogs,boards
Monday-Sunday,June-September.two hours of free time a day,that's why they are called "Holidays"

I even overheard dad saying it to one of our neighbours"I have that lad killed working" okay,I agree.WHY DOES THAT NOT CHANGE ANYTHING?
I was thinking yesterday,I've been home for 2 weeks now.I've spoken to maybe 20 people in that fortnight only 4 of which were under 50 and that was over a week ago.
I'm a people person,not the centre of attention kind,but I need people around me.The biggest thing I loved about college was people.I'd spend hours[too many hours I guess] at the blob,just hanging out with Gamesoc.


I miss seeing people every day.The best I can manage now is at the weekend,even then I'm wrecked most of the time,after a days work,it's not easy to get up head out to a pub.That's the only option,I saw it a few days ago on the telly,the three highest concentrations of pubs in the country,was kilkelly,charlestown and ballyhaunis.
I'm smack in middle of all three,there is NOTHING apart from getting sh*tfaced at the weekends and very little interest in doing anything else.
I love my old friends,lots of good times.But no one around here has changed since they were 16,nearly everyone lives together in houses in either NUIG or ITSligo.They still hang out with the same people,just a different place.Hell half of them haven't made any new friends in College,the clique stay together and that's it.
I have to get out of this small town attitude,work and booze isn't a life I want.A Hardworking Alchoholic who's wife left him,is probably the coolest guy in the area.Am I the only one who disagrees with that thinking?

so yeah,whingey whiney moany blogging,

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  1. Wow, that is hard going. Know what you mean about being a people person though, I haven't seen anyone my own age in well over a week now and it's pretty frustrating.

    September cannot come quick enough, eh? Hang on in there <3