Monday, April 26, 2010

well,it's 26/4/10 and this will be the first of about 10 blog posts I'll make in the next few weeks or so.I really shouldn't but I know deep down as strange as I think blogging is,I hate studying much,much than that.

I finally logged back in to my bebo profile today,I havn't looked at it since the first week of college,in fact my saying still says I'm glad to be in UCD.After looking through it for a while,I actually realise how much I've changed in the few months I've been in college and that I LOVE the new person I've become.

In other news,I got elected by first preferences to the Gamesoc comittee next year,which I was in the top two of the candidates,which in all honesty,scares the living shit out of me.I guess I come across as a reliable and confident person,WHERE THE HELL DO THEY GET THAT FROM!! I always assume my neurotic and sarcastic mannerisms came across more then anything else about me.I would never have considered myself any of these things.

Don't worry,one of these days I'll learn how to take a compliment.Don't get me wrong I appreciate people's confidence in me,I just can't shake the feeling it's misplaced.

Either way,this is for anyone who believes in me:Glee- My life would suck without you

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