Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Oh if I could kidnap that feeling,the one that melts all this from your mind.I'd make no demands, no ransom.'Cos I'd never set it free"

This is the first free time I've had since I got back from the Gathering. it's the nerdiest thing I've ever done.Grown adults dressing up and fighting with swords, sounds nuts?it is, think I'm crazy for doing it? so do I, think it's unbelievably weird? me too.

Best weekend of my life? BOOM!

I met the nicest people,strangers I met on the ferry loaned me about 50 quids worth of stuff just because I was new,any time we went looking at gear people were happy to pay for it or give me gear instead, why? Because weird ass gamer/internet freaks are the nicest,kindest human beings I've ever met and guess what I'm darn proud to be one of them.

[Note:wow,it really is no surprise why I'm single,damn you nerddom!]

The downside,I made the mistake of giving a rough description of what I was at to my folks, basically said I was swordfighting for the weekend.The response? Laughed at and called a nut by my old man.

So,life is good overall.I'm almost free[5 days!!] I know what I like,I dodge the ridicule for doing it,I've people who don't care what I've come from,just who I am.I get to be me,not what I feel I have to be,that whole "Square peg,round hole" situation is coming to an end.

So o everyone who's given me so much shit;HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW BITCH!

Life,for now is good.No to sleep,in my awesome new flat in Dublin \o/

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