Monday, January 31, 2011

Just being nice

I've somewhat resigned myself to what I want in life lately.

I get that I'm going to be single for a long time,people that know me agree I shouldn't be and am the nicest most genuinely awesome person ever,but that doesn't matter to people if you don't come across as attractive[I say that with no arrogance or ego but it sounds otherwise]

Instead,I've started just making my corner of the world a bit brighter; A daily ompliment,welfare crew stuff, getting people to talk more about how they are feeling and the Pretty post-its thing I heard about is pretty fun.Put a post it around somewhere with a compliment written on it,it's a challenge to come up with them and finding where to put them, but hopefully someone who really needs it will find it

Also,cycling to Galway this weekend in aid of crumlin children's hospital which is going to be a challenge but it's for a good cause and hopefully I'll feel better about myself after.

That's pretty matter of fact but I'm really busy with everything.Odds are I'll be on here more in the coming weeks,the usual spring/birthday bout of depression is coming on,I just need to get around it for a week then it doesn't matter how I feel

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